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Beauty Tips



During the hot summer months keeping your hair looking its best can sometimes be a challenge.  Washing your hair too often can impact the texture of your hair.  Your hair may become dry and lack shine, you may find yourself with split ends and sometimes even a dry, flaky scalp.   If possible wash only as needed and finish with a cool rinse to help seal the cuticle.

Also,  ask your stylist about what products we used to give your hair that extra healthy boost!



Now that you have come to Legacy and finally got the hair color that you have always dreamed of, we want to help you with maintaining  your color at home.   We highly recommend picking up a color safe shampoo and conditioner before  leaving the salon to keep your locks looking healthy and fresh!  

Also give your color the pick me up it needs by

adding a Color Balance service to your appointment!



The hairstyles for this summer are going to be all about the undone, just out of bed look.  You will also see lots of big Boho style braids, loose side braids and perfectly, imperfect tousled beach waves.  Give some of these looks a try at home or schedule your appointment and let us do the pampering for you.  No matter what the event, big or small, let Legacy make your day a little extra special.

Keratin Complex

  • Reduces curl

  • Targets weak spots

  • Reinforces the hair's structure

  • Helps repair damage

  • Blocks humidity

  • Reduces frizz

  • Leaves hair soft, silky, shiny and smooth

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